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I am 32 tomorrow and although I prefer the even numbers it really is scaring the shit out of me. At what point will I stop wearing yellow tutus, drinking pints from my cleavage and falling over – can you do those things while pushing a pram or will they take the child away? I don’t mean to sound really irresponsible because it is not like I can not be trusted to look after things, maybe not babies but I do have a hamster. His name is Reginald Perrin, Reggie or Reg to his mates. Not that he has any mates, I tried to get him some but the lady in the shop told me if I put another hamster in the cage that Reginald would kill it and eat it. To be honest I felt this was a tad harsh because she doesn’t even know him, and he is lovely. He has only ever bitten two people (both men incidentally) and he doesn’t eat meat. He really just likes the yoghurt drops and Frosties.

Anyway the point is I can look after him whilst wearing a tutu, drinking and falling and I like to think I am doing a good job cos they only live a year and I got him for my birthday last year.


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