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I know I haven’t been checking in on the blog for ages and ages but I have been working. Like properly working actually being busy all day long and so tired at the end of the day that I can barely finish my bucket of wine before I drop off to sleep. I would blog at the weekend but that is precious hangover recovery time.

I also haven’t written because absolutely zilch is going on, it is getting dark and wet but wait there is a glimpse of hope because this time in three weeks I will be a sippin’ champagne (probably not champagne but one can dream) waiting to board my flight to EGYPT!!!!! I am just starting to get super duper excited about it now my boulder holder swimsuit has arrived.

I love Egypt it was the first real holiday I took with my family when I was about 14. We had always spent our summers either travelling form abroad to see family in the UK or going to France to see my aunt there, so when we finally had a bit of cash my dad said we could go on a holiday. And we all got to say where we wanted to go and then the one out of the hat would be it, My dad wanted a safari, Mum wanted Caribbean and I wanted Egypt, I won obviously and so off we went on a Nile cruise.

It was fantastic even though we appeared to be on a boat made out of tin – as others sailed past in those big boats with pools and stuff and even though I got so ill that I refused to drink and salt crystals formed on my lips. But I got to see so much and it truly took my breath away.

This time The Talented Mr. Rigby and myself are off to the coast, where we can relax and snorkel. The only problem with this is that I find it impossible to relax and have never ever had any kind of lying in the sun holiday, I fear for the talented one’s life. All he wants to do is chill out and swim up to the cocktails bar. In fact a swim up cocktail bar was all he requested when I booked the holiday. However I have already starting looking at trips, to the valley of the kings, a nomadic market, star gazing in the desert, swimming with the dolphins, emerald mines etc etc.

I am sure he will find time to relax in between all that!

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