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dry skin and dresses

The holiday is over and the planning has begun. It all seemed so easy as The Talented Mr. Rigby and Ms. Bloom sat sipping cold beer in the swimming pool bar and merrily chatting about our big day. Of course this could be because we spent most of the time planning the honeymoon (Vietnam) and the only time I panicked slightly was when he started with his list of guests as I seem to have pathetically small family and hardly any friends (we are pretty loud though). But now we are back it is ALL panic, my tan is fading and my skin is peeling off quicker than a dandelion blowing in the wind. All the ideas for a wedding that I had years ago suddenly seem so silly and expensive since being old we are coughing up all the cash for this shindig. Saturday afternoon was spent with the girls drinking tea and laughing at the hideous dresses in bridal magazines and I am still none the wiser about what I want or what I can afford. I do however have a long list of what I don’t want so that should help!11 months and counting . . . . P.S – we settled on Talented Ms. Rigby

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Mrs versus Ms

My god someone distracts you with nice words and a shiny ring and before you know it you are having conversations about surnames and Mrs versus Ms. and dresses and food.

This is the new debate, I said yes and made a compromise with my beloved, if I took his name the wedding could be anyway I wanted, so I asked for another compromise I use my name and his and still get the wedding how I want it. All was agreed but now we have moved on to the Ms versus Mrs debate. I am strong believer in using Ms. especially as the older I have got, Miss seems wildly inappropriate.

When my parents divorced after 24 years of marriage my mother did not want to revert to her maiden name but wanted to put her stamp on the end of the marriage so she was registered for everything as Ms. My father was very very offended (which was odd as he was the one who left) and I often wonder if he would have been less offended if she had gone back to her maiden name. Her issue became even more complicated when she remarried last year and didn’t want to change her name because it had been her surname for 34 years but didn’t want to offend her new husband.

But she is another story, I like Ms. why should people know my marital status before they have even met me, they don’t know his . . .

All this before we even get on to the where shall we get married and how shall we get married!! I woke up at four this morning trying to calculate how many people would be coming to the wedding – all this and we haven’t even set a date yet!!

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So yes he did, with months of careful planning and many many ring hints dropped by Ms. Bloom he decided to throw all of it out the window and just ask. Apparently I am the best girl and he wants to spend the rest of his life with me!

Sunday morning , hungover and it was without a shadow of a doubt the most romantic thing that has ever happened to me.

The ring is not bad either!

P.S there will be o chapel though obviously I may be engaged now but I am still a stroppy opinionated old cow.

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