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  • One more day of work and there will be no work done on that day
  • Getting my nails done as they are way too long
  • Watching my dad’s face when he realizes I have bought him a day of trekking with llamas for his birthday
  • Being 150 euros richer cos I was too hungover to get my hair done on Saturday
  • Seeing my friends, Tina Molina, Keri, Helen, Leo
  • Seeing family – Nearly all of them Dad and Girlfriend, Mum and stepdad, All the talented Rigbys, the Devon lot including little Finlay who is two but yet to meet Tallulah
  • Getting presents, Keri went Thailand so I have high hopes for jewelry
  • Giving presents – which is bizarrely just as much fun, who would have thought!
  • Drinking in the airport, I love drinking in the airport, I often get giddy if I am with people and if I am alone I buy magazine, a glass of wine and try to look stylish
  • No commuting for 19 days! which means no being pushed, tutted at or freezing my bits off on platforms
  • Going to Ireland for my first visit
  • Finding a wedding venue
  • Listening to the radio without adverts in the car
  • Driving! Will get to see so much countryside
  • Walking by the sea and having hot chocolate with marsh mallows at the jazz cafe
  • Sitting on Evening Hill, looking at the harbour (the picture above is the view)
  • Spending my first Christmas day with the talented Mr. Rigby


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2007 has been a very different year from 2006 and here is my end of year round up of gigs, books and life.

Gigs I went to see in 2007

The Fratellis – really good small venue, loud, fast and fun

Maximo Park – good but a bit samey by the end

The View- Really good although I felt about 900 years old!

The Pigeon Detectives- much much better than I expected and it was a great night

Art Brut- AMAZING!! Left me speechless!

Black Wire- pretty cool pretty good, practically empty room though

Josh Ritter- fab as always

Cansei Ser Sexy – alright but not as good as I had hoped

Tilly and the Wall – Just fabulous, quirky, accomplished a joy to watch

The Holloways – bit rough round the edges but generator is a fab song and they did it so so well!

The Frames – They were great apart from the crazy lady dancing on the ledge (Ballet dancer/Lap dancer- very bizarre)

BellX1 – could not hear them because of all the noisy people . . .

Jack Penate- little sweaty venue the gig was lively and fun

Adele- spectacular voice and I managed to grope her boob while telling her so (being this clumsy is a gift)

Ben Ottewell – He was fab and the talented one was so happy to be there

Kaiser Chiefs- Good as always and it was my Christmas present from Tina Molina!!

I think there are a few more there but I can not remember now!!

Books I loved this year is a bit harder as bizarrely although I read so much I read really quickly and tend to forget really quickly, The Book Thief was astonishing, I loved A Spot of Bother, was engrossed by a biography Lizzie Sidall and I truly can not remember any others right now!! How bad is that!!

High Points of the year had to be making the apartment look like a home and relegating Mr. Rigby’s horrible Caribbean sunset painting to the balcony, being give extra work to do and finding that I am hard worker and that it is possible to enjoy responsibility – who knew that? paying off all my debts including student loan – thank you Grandad for leaving Mum money and thanks Mum for sharing! Learning to cope with my depression and getting off all the medication is also a major one and I am pretty pleased that Reginald Perrin is still alive even though he was only supposed to live one year, watching my little Irish one turn 30 surrounded by friends plus being pleased that I finally know his age! Meeting a new friend Eimer, she is a lovely lovely girl. Holidays in Paris, London and Egypt were all good too!

But obviously the best by far was The talented Mr. Rigby asking me to marry him!!!

Low Points

Tina Molina left to go home and I miss her so!! Running up a few of those already paid off debts (it is the pretty things that I just can not resist!) fighting with the telephone and cable company, an agony that took 6 months to sort out. Being sick with sinusitis and various little things right up until April was also a bit annoying especially as I ended up missing some gigs like Kasabian, Little Man Tate, Cold War Kids – twice – and the ballet Giselle

And that was pretty much it, so nice to get to an end of a year and realise there were so many more good things than bad things!

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I remembered why I love Amsterdam last night. It was the worst weather imaginable here horizontal rain and ice cold wind and I had dragged my buddy Tina Molina off to a book thing and the for a few wines after. We left the lovely dark cosy bar and I waved her off in a cab and to be honest I felt a little sad, she moved back to Ireland a few months back and her visits are too few for me. So off I trudge to the tram and it is raining and raining and raining. If you have never experienced Dutch rain then you might not understand it, I thought being a Brit I knew all about rain but in the Netherlands it is something else. Torrential heavy windy rain, I swear Noah was preparing his ark very close by. Anyway I was feeling very miserable and wet until I heard the sound of music. There was a guy standing in the shadow of the Oud Kerk busking with his saxophone. I tell you it made me smile like a loon and it reminded me how much I love this city. Not sure if it would have made me smile so much without the wine but still.

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Christmas is usually a dreaded time of year for me and one of the reasons for this is that being the childless and until recently hopelessly single person at work I often ended up volunteering to work right up until kicking out time on Christmas Eve. This is not fun at all as the office is dead at this time of year and it means you have to travel on Christmas Eve. One year, a few years ago I took a terrible 11pm Christmas eve flight to Geneva to see my family in France, I was tired grumpy and the only person alone on the flight, in fact I felt like the only person alone in the airport so I managed to get morosely drunk before I even got on the plane which meant that when I reached passport control; I realised I had left it my passport on the plane. Cue sweaty Tallulah running through a deserted Geneva airport screaming at the easyjet planes. I got it back and a bonus lecture from an easyjet trolley dolly but my waiting family was not amused!Christmas also throws up the child of divorce dilemma. This can be avoided by not seeing either of them but that does have a knock on effect vis a vis the present situation. However this year I am seeing everyone, going to three different places in England, North, East and South will be covered and then for good measure I will be going far West to Ireland as well and the presents had better rock!! So if you see a little curly haired person whipping past you on a motorway in her mum’s Citroen, wave and smile because after this mammoth trip she will be off the hook for at least another year! Oh and the one next to her being annoying changing the CD every 5 minutes will be Mr. Rigby so you can wave at him too! 

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