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Oh god I have broken some kind of seal and now I can’t stop!

The earrings are waiting to clear customs – thanks Mr. Talented one!

They are from Veronica Willingham Jewelry she was so helpful!!

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It is official, I have become a bride to be, 93 days and counting and I am getting very very excited. I can only apologise for all the wedding posts on this blog but you see I don’t want to bore my friends who will be coming and I really really need an outlet for all this! The poor Irish one has had it with the wedding talk and so I have been trying to share out the “do you think this will look good” emails out amongst friends in the faint hope that they will not think I have become obsessed.

Well I have, obsessed and totally consumed by the complete frothery that is the wedding. I never wanted to get married and certainly never wanted a big formal wedding, I gave in on both because I love him completely. But don’t get me wrong I am still having MY wedding, the one that does not quite look like all the rest the one that it still represents who we are (OK who I am mostly!).

As I didn’t want to be a traditional bride I thought straight away no stupid bridesmaids dresses and no white puffball for me. The bridesmaids have been dispatched to buy their own black dresses, short, long, backless, strapless I don’t care so long as they feel fantastic. For me a very simple just hitting the floor ivory dress, first and only one I tried on, off the peg,in the sale fits like a dream. And then to the bit that really counts. THE SHOES.

Toss up so far between the silver (bit boring) Jimmy Choo’s and the purple Christian Louboutin’s. It is all about the shoes.


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I had a bash at a seating plan for the wedding last night and it was a horrible experience I can tell you. Now there is nobody in my family who have fallen out but my folks got divorced 10 years ago so the two sides of the family have not met since then. Actually my mum has made an effort to keep in touch with them but my dad hasn’t. It will be odd as he is my cousins only uncle but he hasn’t spoken to them for over 10 years and I don’t think my youngest cousin can have seen him since she was about 8. However I think as they all profess to love me they will be on their best behaviour.

We will see though as best behaviour is often hard to keep up after a gallon of free wine!

But the real problem was the rest of them. The masses of singles, sitting them so they didn’t think they were being set up, the other singles we have created because of our no kids allowed rule and the friends from different stages in our life. The talented one and myself have our school friends, university friends, old work friends and Amsterdam friends and family plus a few current colleagues thrown in. I want people to sit near people they know and will have fun with but inevitably amongst such groups of friends there are ex lovers and new partners and usually there are three of one group and eight of another to sit on tables of 10!

Then you need to work out who should sit close the star table (that’s us) and which noisy drunks should be tucked away at the back.

Which is particularly hard as I fear that I am the noisy drunk.

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Career Plans

“So, what will you be doing when the job finishes in 2009”

“Oh! I’m getting married”

Yes I even shocked myself with this statement, apparently I have started to view getting married as a career choice and he is not even rich. To be fair I have always lacked ambition, my boss even told me that during one of my performance reviews. I am one of life’s plodders who wakes up one day and realises that at 33 I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I always swore I wouldn’t end up like my dad who never knew what he wanted to do with his life so stayed in the army for 24 years only to bumble around in jobs he hated for the last 20 years since he left, he wears his air of disappointment well but will tell anyone who cares to ask that what he really wanted to be was a PE teacher, hardly glamorous but apparently the chance to be one escaped him.

So come end of 2009 I am really hoping someone just offers me a new job, a bit like how I got this one and then off I can plod again.

P.S Picture is my Mum and stepdad who got married nearly two years ago incidentally she gave up work about then but in her defence she had worked nearly 70 hours a week for the last 30 years so I guess she had an excuse.


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I have been a bit rubbish with the old blog for a while now, I think partly because I ran out of steam and partly because I actually began to find the whole blog thing quite terrifying. It suddenly seemed there was pressure to write, to be funny and to have exciting things happen in my life. Trouble is I am not funny at least not regularly and not that many exciting things happen to me mostly because, now shush don’t tell anyone – I have started to settle down.

Actually I am not quite sure what it is but I have found myself changing over the last few months and have a had a bit of a personality crisis. Sixteen years as party girl rarely to be found without a drink (mostly wearing my drink to be honest) and talking up a storm takes its toll on a girl.

It all started when I got engaged and started to discuss family and the next big move and I suddenly realised it was not just all about me anymore, quite a frightening thought for a 33 year old only child I can tell you, it also felt a bit difficult to discuss as all my friends bar one are still resolutely single. It now feels hard when they moan about the lack of men and the boom boom of that biological clock, I feel like I shouldn’t have a say now.

But I am going to have my say, there is someone out there for all of us, it happens when you least expect it and maybe it won’t happen before the biological clock ticks the final tock who knows but surely if there is someone to love this neurotic, loud, occasionally obnoxious short tubby girl there are many men out there to love my taller, witty, intelligent, solvent and damn attractive girls. (and boys)

Back to my knitting now.

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Tram Tales

I was tired, I had just flown back from the UK and was sitting on the tram on the way to kiss  my man and idly watching a group of teens doing card tricks, suddenly the man behind them gestured at them and one of the girls gestured back, he was deaf and surprisingly she was sign language fluent. So she was ably to slyly tell him how to do the trick, her friends were peeved. It made me very happy.

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