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15 days to the wedding, yes it is still all I can talk about. Except as of today everything is done, everything is paid for and everything is ready.

Well I say everything but of course I mean everything except the bridesmaids because they have nothing to wear except a corsage at the moment which could make for an interesting wedding. Seriously I thought I was being super bride when I just said, go my lovely friends and buy yourselves any black dress you want and Mr. Rigby will give you cash. Yes anything you want, short, long, backless, lace, satin, mesh WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Well 15 days to go and only one has a dress, the other three nothing, nada, zip. Shit. This is stressing me out. They have two weekends left to shop and I know two of them are away for at least one of those.Shit. I knew I should have just made them wear taffeta. The one who has a dress was the only one I was worried about as she never wears black and as a mother to three teenagers rarely has use for a cocktail dress but she has hers, actually I am super jealous as her dress is fab.

It is fantastic isn’t it, Vivienne of Holloway apparently. So one down and three to go and only 15 days! I will not strees. I will not stress. I need a drink.


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