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This weekend I am going to relax even if it kills me. I am not very good at relaxing so being me I have decided to make an itinerary of relaxing things to do this weekend.

I will wander around the park and take some photos, I have just realised the one above is from three years ago! I will see a film (any recommendations?), eat, cook, clean my wardrobe, attack the bathroom mould (this is relaxing I swear) and attempt to make a felt flower brooch for my sister in law.

Why all the relaxing, well because I have decided not to shop in February and I told people about it so now I really have to. I am a truly stupid girl.


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NYE still

New year was fabulous I am writing about it late because I started to get sick at about 4am on the 31st and am still dragging myself through my annual cough/cold hell and believe me I am not fun when I am sick. I enquired today in a weak sad voice, ‘Mr Rigby should I go to the hospital soon?’ He smiled and because he is faintly medical (a dietician) I took his advice of an early night (again) and a big glass of wine (so a bottle then rather than my nightly 3.5 glasses) we will see if it will see Mr. nasty cough off.
But anyway it was fab because my girls came and unlike any other new year before getting totally plastered was not the goal, it was what happened but not before champagne through straws out of mini bottles and a fancy dinner nigella ed by moi!

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New Years Resolutions

1) Answer the phone more

2) Make something from my funky new craft book

3) Find a physical activity I like

4) Wear heels more often

5) Seriously consider the whole reproducing thing

6) Try to be healthier ie. not drink quite so much and lose some weight in an attempt to be more prepared for number 5

7) Be nicer to my mother

8 ) Be a better friend


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