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I want never gets?

I want
new shoes, high open toe.
A pedicure
bare legs
tanned skin
bright light
big silver hoops
to sit outside with a campari soda
and a silk scarf
rather than a long wool one
I want spring

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Today I looked at the pictures from the wedding of an old friend. We met while she was living in Amsterdam and now she is back in Australia. Their story is a beautiful, dramatic and romantic one and she looked take your breath away beautiful in the pictures.

The pictures have had quite an effect on me and forced me to look back at my own wedding, She looked so relaxed and happy even though from what I can gather she cooked the food for the 16 course wedding feast! (This would have left me gibbering wreck)

It made me think that in the months since my own wedding I have been remembering only the little bits that bothered me, the inability to spend time with everyone I wanted, drinking a little too much as there is definite time slippage in the day and evening, the drunk/panicked wedding rehearsal and the fact that I only discovered while sitting down to eat that sitting down and eating was impossible in my dress.

Looking at her pictures though I was reminded just how excited I was to walk down that aisle with Nina Simone singing exactly what I felt and how thrilling it was to see my wonderful Mr. Rigby at the end. It reminded me how magical it was to say my vows and how at that moment it felt that we were the only two in the room. But above it all it reminded me how lucky I am, finding love is not easy, keeping it even harder, yet right now it gets better and better.

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Wish I was here


This was the first honeymoon in Padstow, Cornwall. Second one is New York, third is yet to be booked. Three cheers for honeymoon vouchers!!!

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