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We leave for New York in three days and I am very excited. It is my first time and I am getting to stay here with my lovely Mr. Rigby. I am also starting to annoy people with my excitement. It will be our second honeymoon and will hopefully be without a trip to casualty. It will follow a weekend I just spent with my very old friend Ms. Keri where I laughed from the moment I woke up till the moment I went to sleep. She is lovely and I think I love the way I seem in her eyes, funny. I am not funny but she laughs at my awful silly voices and stories and I laugh at hers, actually I nearly wet myself at one point. It is also my birthday in 5 days. I have presents still to open and have so far already opened a dress, sandals, a bag, a big brooch, earrings, jim jams, and a bird sculpture. Life is sweet.


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The husband returns

The talented one arrived late last night from a week long business trip to Portugal. I have learnt not to be jealous of these trips as I know he does not get to see anything of the places he visits but he does get to eat fab food and stay in swanky hotels, which is why he is instructed to steal everything that is not nailed down. Last night brought me Crabtree and Evelyn goodies, a shoe polisher, sewing kit and a manicure set not bad eh! However just to prove how well trained he is Mr. Rigby also brought home a Chanel mascara!

So glad I married him.

21 days to New York, I am beyond excited.

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