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Sick and Tired

I had planned to write a post about something other than pregnancy but I just can’t because right now it is all I do. We are now at week 13 the nausea has not passed nether has the extreme fatigue. I have had word with the bump and explained that now we are in the second trimester I am supposed to be feeling fab. I don’t I really don’t on the whole I feel tired, weepy, sick and fat. Last weekend while back in the UK I managed to go out and about for the first time in three months now however I feel like sleeping for a thousand years. Maybe I am just a whiner but so far not having a blast! Every single baby piece of crap I have signed up for emailed me this week to say I should be feeling MUCH better which quite frankly is making me feel guilty. Yesterday as we were still not able to hear the baby’s heartbeat we were given an emergency scan, baby is fine just hiding behind the placenta and sleeping. I wish I could hide behind the placenta and sleep.

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