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I have life envy. I met a girl last week who has been in Amsterdam for five minutes and already speaks far more Dutch than me, she has two fun jobs, lives on a houseboat and never shops at supermarkets. Oh and she is nearly ten years younger than me. Like I said envy. I don’t know why I get like this because in truth I know I have a great life, a fantastic man, nice apartment, good (ish) job, great cd collection, some fancy shoes and great friends. But meeting this lovely girl has niggled at me all week. I have now been in Amsterdam for seven years and it made me wonder if I have done it right. Did I miss out on something? I still know hardly any Dutch people, my language skills are limited to restaurant ordering and mumbling and I work in a completely different city. But then last night as I was tidying away our wedding rings I thought about the life I am about to have in Amsterdam, the one where I marry a man that I never would have met if I hadn’t come here. The friends not Dutch but from all over the place that I never would have met and I decided that I just did it differently.

Monday 1st September was my seven year anniversary in Amsterdam and I still love the city, I arrived here fresh out of university and broke. I was joining my long term boyfriend but it all went horribly wrong. He left me but I clung on to my life in Amsterdam, I had nowhere to live and about three friends but I am still here. I love this city.


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