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It is official, I have become a bride to be, 93 days and counting and I am getting very very excited. I can only apologise for all the wedding posts on this blog but you see I don’t want to bore my friends who will be coming and I really really need an outlet for all this! The poor Irish one has had it with the wedding talk and so I have been trying to share out the “do you think this will look good” emails out amongst friends in the faint hope that they will not think I have become obsessed.

Well I have, obsessed and totally consumed by the complete frothery that is the wedding. I never wanted to get married and certainly never wanted a big formal wedding, I gave in on both because I love him completely. But don’t get me wrong I am still having MY wedding, the one that does not quite look like all the rest the one that it still represents who we are (OK who I am mostly!).

As I didn’t want to be a traditional bride I thought straight away no stupid bridesmaids dresses and no white puffball for me. The bridesmaids have been dispatched to buy their own black dresses, short, long, backless, strapless I don’t care so long as they feel fantastic. For me a very simple just hitting the floor ivory dress, first and only one I tried on, off the peg,in the sale fits like a dream. And then to the bit that really counts. THE SHOES.

Toss up so far between the silver (bit boring) Jimmy Choo’s and the purple Christian Louboutin’s. It is all about the shoes.


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