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38 days

It is 38 days till I am wed and I officially have nothing else to talk about except weddings.If you need to discuss how to hire suits, how many Everton mints fill a small sweetie bag, hair accessories, bespoke stamps with your name in fancy script, welcome drinks, seating plans and the like then I am your girl. Current affairs – no chance. For a person who didn’t want the big shin dig I do seem to be doing an awful lot of work. Today my mother called to tell me some parcels had arrived at her house and I honestly could not remember what I had ordered.
But I do remember Mr. Rigby got his suit on Saturday and he looks damn good in it, I however can never go in Armani again which is a shame as it was my first time. I totally embarrassed myself when I walked smack into a mirror thinking it was some kind of magical hallway, then to make matters worse I apologised to the woman I had bumped into which of course was me. 

Also I am currently waiting for that “you will be so stressed the weight will just drop off” time because it has certainly not happened yet, my heavy drinking may be affecting this though.

38 days till the wedding, 39 to the honeymoon!!




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