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On Monday we get to see you. I am terrified, scared at the huge responsibility that is to come and scared that all will not be well. I have been so worried at every little twitch that something is not going according to plan and that you are not growing as you should or that your tiny little heart has stopped beating. I hate that I can do nothing to control or help this. I am a worrier, this is something you should probably know about your mum. This morning I worried from 3am to 5am. First I was worried about the scan and then worried about my weird health insurance and then I moved on to worrying about where we are going to put you when you arrive this led to worrying about the fact that I still have not changed my name on my driving licence and then worried about the woeful bus service from your grandmas as I am going to have to catch a bus next week and then I was worried about work, by 5am I was worried out and fell asleep.

How are we ever going to make it through these next few months?


At 6.30 the alarm went off and I took a deep breath, your dad rolled over and put his arm round me and whispered into my curls “It will be alright, we are a team and we can make anything work”

You are going to be so lucky to have him.


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