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pick pocket

I have been mugged, well not really but somebody stole my bag on the train. I didn’t see a thing, my bag was right in front of me on the pull out table, admittedly I was dozing but then whoosh it was gone! I can not explain what an awful feeling it was to be stuck on the train with nothing not even a tissue for my leaking eyes. I eventually found a conductor who told me thieves are dogs (I quite like dogs but kept that information to myself) and wrote his name down on piece of train paper. He took me to the police booth but it was closed so advised me to carry on to work. I boarded the tram with nothing but the train man’s name and number and stressed myself silly till I arrived at work and promptly burst into floods of tears. My bag had everything in it, purse, cards, keys, phone, passport, my home address, my half read book and my make up.
My lovely colleagues rallied round and helped me cancel things and my sweet Irish one raced out to by me a pre pay phone, I borrowed money and started the journey back home terrified that some burglar would have read my diary and used my please return to address and my keys to casually steal everything I own. Hysterical – yes a little bit.
I met Mr. Rigby at the airport to get his house keys and he went to ask one more time if a bag had been handed in. It had and thankfully all that was missing was my purse, phone, sunglasses and bizarrely my little pen set (that must have been a crushing disappointment to the thief) the relief was so good. So in the end I am out 100 odd euro and have no access to my pay on pay day but at least I got my chanel mascara and a brand new pretty wallet from Mr. Rigby.

I have now taken on a new role of warning everyone who is trying to sleep on the 7am train to please keep an eye on your bags!




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