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In his own words

Tallulah, my own little Carrie Bradshaw, what can I say? Thank you. Thank you for making me the happiest and most proud man there is. When I saw you at the top of the aisle I was speechless. You are beautiful, and it was just a dream come true.


Most people know the story of how I met Tallulah, I was playing squash when my friend Tina turned up with Tallulah. When I saw her I just had to go out and talk to her. I thought she was stunning from the instant I saw her and I fell in love with her from the moment I got to know her. Unfortunately, those infamous first words “I’ve only gone and brought my tennis racket instead of my squash racket” meant that I had to chase her for 9 months until she had forgotten what I had said and agreed to out with me. But let me tell you now Tallulah, that I would have waited forever.


During those 9 months we became best friends and did everything together, so I really am marrying my best friend, and believe me I know how lucky I am.


Tallulah, you have changed my life. Together we are more than I ever imagined I could be. You are beautiful and make me so happy; in short, I love you.


So, ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to join with me and raise your glasses for a toast to my wonderful, beautiful bride – my wife, Tallulah.


“To Tallulah!”

And yes I cried. Oh and god bless him for the SATC comment because he truly hates that programme.

Downside – apparently when you are being toasted you don’t drink?!?

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Woo hoo! The registrar approved all our music and readings so I guess the wedding is really on! Our list of music was extensive and I had to provide all lyrics for approval. For those of you who don’t know, if you are having a civil ceremony in the UK you can not use music or reading with any religious connotations. It can be quite strict I know of one couple who were not allowed to play Angels by Robbie Williams although that might just have been because it is awful!

Anyway we got all our music past the censors and I shall be strutting my stuff down the aisle to Nina Simone singing Feeling Good.  Plus we picked lots of feel good soul music including a great song for when we sign the register that instructs all present to:

(I want everybody to get up off your seat)
(And get your arms together, and your hands together)
(And give me some of that o-o-old soul clapping)

I wonder if anyone will?

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38 days

It is 38 days till I am wed and I officially have nothing else to talk about except weddings.If you need to discuss how to hire suits, how many Everton mints fill a small sweetie bag, hair accessories, bespoke stamps with your name in fancy script, welcome drinks, seating plans and the like then I am your girl. Current affairs – no chance. For a person who didn’t want the big shin dig I do seem to be doing an awful lot of work. Today my mother called to tell me some parcels had arrived at her house and I honestly could not remember what I had ordered.
But I do remember Mr. Rigby got his suit on Saturday and he looks damn good in it, I however can never go in Armani again which is a shame as it was my first time. I totally embarrassed myself when I walked smack into a mirror thinking it was some kind of magical hallway, then to make matters worse I apologised to the woman I had bumped into which of course was me. 

Also I am currently waiting for that “you will be so stressed the weight will just drop off” time because it has certainly not happened yet, my heavy drinking may be affecting this though.

38 days till the wedding, 39 to the honeymoon!!



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A Woman’s Right to Shoes

I have been reading a fabulous blog called I hate planning my wedding. In fact I have been reading it compulsively over the last few days. It is fantastically, wickedly funny and I know I should not laugh at her misery but I can’t help it, she writes her pain so damn well. Go read now!
Anyway it is a blog about trying to plan a wedding with the involvement of lots of family and the different pressures that will bring. In fact wedding stories like this were the one of the major reasons I never wanted a big wedding, my plan was always to elope or at push do it on a holiday. But The Talented Mr. Rigby dreamed of the big wedding and I went with it. While Engaged and Enraged battles daily with mother and mother in laws and upset bridesmaids I realise I am getting it pretty easy.

One major reason for that is that I wanted to pay for it all ourselves, in fact we will not be paying for it all ourselves but we are paying for almost all of it. Anyway I felt that any money given should be a gift. A gift. In fact so much did I insist on this that I am making my Mum give me her gift on the wedding day. Mean, yes but a well thought out strategy.

Since we picked a date my mother has called me nearly every day, usually at work to discuss some vital/trivial detail of the wedding. She loves to throw a party and is very opinionated but totally not organised and I really didn’t want her planning everything. I haven’t let her choose anything but have kept her informed of decisions made, in general she has been fabulous about it all. Because she isn’t paying she has managed to keep most of her opinions under her fascinator.

I didn’t want a bouquet, she took a deep breath and accepted it, I didn’t want a proper wedding dress, she was not amused but was pleased with my final choice, declaring it exactly the dress she had imagined! I didn’t want a cake, she accepted that, I didn’t want morning dress, she accepted that Mr. Rigby would look like the artful dodger. But I did want black shoes.

Black shoes, yes, a black and white wedding, I am wearing white but with a black shrug thing and I thought black shoes would look very nice. Meltdown. She went into complete meltdown, tears and all. Apparently black shoes would  just be my way of embarrassing her, it would look ridiculous and she would not be the only one thinking it. She was way way over the top in fact she was so insane that it had the effect of making me very calm. She did apologise the next day in a round about way that I recognise as they way I apologise, but the seed was sewn. So at the weekend I went off to buy my shoes, not black, just sparkly. I didn’t want my mother to hate something so violently that I had picked and I certainly didn’t want to upset her so I thought fine no black, it is the least I can do for her.

On Monday I told my mother about the shoes I was hoping for a simple how lovely what she actually said was  “I knew you would realise black was ridiculous in the end”

Bloody typical the one thing I did specifically for her. Luckily I love my shoes or I may have cried.





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It is official, I have become a bride to be, 93 days and counting and I am getting very very excited. I can only apologise for all the wedding posts on this blog but you see I don’t want to bore my friends who will be coming and I really really need an outlet for all this! The poor Irish one has had it with the wedding talk and so I have been trying to share out the “do you think this will look good” emails out amongst friends in the faint hope that they will not think I have become obsessed.

Well I have, obsessed and totally consumed by the complete frothery that is the wedding. I never wanted to get married and certainly never wanted a big formal wedding, I gave in on both because I love him completely. But don’t get me wrong I am still having MY wedding, the one that does not quite look like all the rest the one that it still represents who we are (OK who I am mostly!).

As I didn’t want to be a traditional bride I thought straight away no stupid bridesmaids dresses and no white puffball for me. The bridesmaids have been dispatched to buy their own black dresses, short, long, backless, strapless I don’t care so long as they feel fantastic. For me a very simple just hitting the floor ivory dress, first and only one I tried on, off the peg,in the sale fits like a dream. And then to the bit that really counts. THE SHOES.

Toss up so far between the silver (bit boring) Jimmy Choo’s and the purple Christian Louboutin’s. It is all about the shoes.


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