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Our First Christmas

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Christmas Cheer

I am very excited. Tonight Christmas starts with gift giving and drinking with my boys. Then it is the weekend and then it is the Rigby Christmas and then the Rigby new year. I think I might actually burst with excitement.

This year will be our first married Christmas and unlike last year when we raced around trying to please everybody this year we will be staying in Amsterdam in our cosy 55m² and I am getting very excited about it.

The talented one has never spent Christmas away from home and why would he, his family Christmases are fabulous. I know this because that is exactly where we were last year. Christmas lost an awful lot of its cheer when my parents split up but we never really had any major traditions anyway. We lived abroad so often spent Christmas in other people’s houses and my mum is a nurse so often Christmas was moved a little plus being an only child at Christmas was always a bit dull.

So this year to compensate for the talented Mr. Rigby not being with all the other talented Rigbys we are starting our own traditions. We bought a tree and some decorations and we drank champagne as we decorated it. Thank you Conortje for telling me the lights need to go on first, I so would not have done that. There are tons of presents under the tree and they are all for us!

Christmas day will start with bellinis and croissants and then we will fire up the web cam and open our presents with our families. For the first time in a long time I am looking forward to Christmas, in my own home with my husband.

Then it is New Year’s Eve, now NYE is a totally different story, my mother is Scottish and NYE is THE celebration. She usually throws a massive party with fireworks and curry. So this year I am introducing Mr. Rigby to NYE in style, two of my closest friends are flying out and we are cooking a big dinner, making cocktails and then I will give each guest the NYE party pack (goodies necessary for enjoying NYE and 2009) and we will head out on our bikes to wave our sparklers and watch the fireworks.

See, so excited I could burst!

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Straight and curly

At almost 34 (yikes) I just learnt to blow dry my hair straight. I either look like Veronica Lake or Diana Ross. It took 45 minutes. I really hope it is more Veronica than Diana!

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Yesterday was our one month anniversary,I forgot well sort of forgot I remembered at one point and then forgot later. Mr. Rigby left a card on my pillow it was very sweet. He definitely winning in the romance stakes.

Last weekend I did a very quick overnighter back to Dorset where I boozed it up with Ms. Keri and shopped and then Ms. Helen and I went off to see my oldest friend, Leonora direct her school show. It was in the theatre of our home town, quite a fancy theatre at that.
She has directed loads before and worked at a number of theatres but for once I got off my arse and made the effort to see her. It was such a fantastic rendition of big spender, sassy, fun visually spectacular, it pissed all over any school show I have ever seen. And I have been humming it constantly since Saturday!

It was so worth it, flying out. I was like a proud parent, sitting on the edge of my seat and clapping I even stood up at the end to do some very energetic clapping. I think this only proves what an irritating parent I will become some day.



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