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From Dad with Love

Dear Baby,

Your dad wrote this for you. We are very lucky to have him.


In your mummy’s tummy

 You’re in your mummy’s tummy

And you’re doing rather well

We have seen doctors and nurses

And they’ve done the tests to tell


So you’re growing in your mummy

Using your little hands and feet

And sleeping till your ready

For the day we finally meet


I read so you can hear me

It’s a daddy’s job to do

And I’ll tell you a little secret,

I think mummy likes it too


Your mum, well she protects you

She keeps you all secure

And when you’re ready to come join us

We’ll love you for ever more


We can’t wait until we meet you

And can hug and hold you tight

Show you this outside world

And teach you wrong from right


Your mum already loves you

And I can say the same for me

We also love each other

And can’t wait ‘til we are three

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