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Hello There

Oh Hello Blog!

I forgot all about you but I am sure you will understand I was on the bathroom floor you see. It is a lovely spot, cool tiles to lie a thumping head and not too far from the toilet. I have been on the bathroom floor on and off since June, 5 whole months of vomiting, rolling nausea and migraines. I haven’t been much fun to live with and have barely turned up for work but in the last week something has shifted a little and I am beginning to feel better. Today I washed my hair and put on mascara and I have only been sick once today it was bit like having a hangover, without the fun of the night before, so just like old times really. Pregnancy is different for everyone but that doesn’t make it any easier when you seem to be the only one who feels like death. It is hard to bond with your growing baby when you feel so terrible and it is hard not to think that there must be something wrong, surely it is not possible to feel this bad and have a healthy baby. But it is, the 20 week scan told me so. The baby is a good size and seems to have everything in working order, it was a bit hard to see the baby as true to the awkwardness of this child it chose to roll up like hedgehog the minute it realised we wanted a good look! Well now we are on the countdown to the birth and slowly I am starting to have a life again with a gig on Friday and a musical on Sunday, my friend the bathroom floor will have to cope without me.

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