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Diet – One week only

This week I am eating those weird diet bars because I decided after a year of engagement the the last week was the perfect time to do all the dieting for the wedding. I have not tried my dress on since June so am a little worried that the zip will not do up which could be quite embarrassing, so diet it is. I started today and have spent all morning fantasising about the wedding food. Roasted pumpkin cannelloni, sticky toffee pudding, white chocolate cupcakes, a cheese platter for the evening reception – it is going to be a very long week.

P.S The bars actaully taste like sawdust wrapped in a light layer of sugar free chocolate – is the chocolate just there to taunt you?

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Embarrassment = Prize

So the wedding is next week and now there is nothing left to plan and pay for I am starting to get anxious. You see if leave me with five minutes of spare time and I usually spend it worrying myself into a stupor, for this reason and because currently my hobby is drinking I have been inspired by Yvonne and Catherine to take up crochet, so I ordered the set and while I have fondled all the hooks and looked at all the pattern cards I have yet to actually crochet anything.

I don’t need to bother now though because I won one of Yvonne’s hand crocheted scarfs and I am very very excited about it! YAYAY!

P.S An update on the bridesmaids, two have dresses, two still to go – yes I have four bridesmaids, yes this makes it look like Jordan’s wedding – I know I know

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15 days to the wedding, yes it is still all I can talk about. Except as of today everything is done, everything is paid for and everything is ready.

Well I say everything but of course I mean everything except the bridesmaids because they have nothing to wear except a corsage at the moment which could make for an interesting wedding. Seriously I thought I was being super bride when I just said, go my lovely friends and buy yourselves any black dress you want and Mr. Rigby will give you cash. Yes anything you want, short, long, backless, lace, satin, mesh WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Well 15 days to go and only one has a dress, the other three nothing, nada, zip. Shit. This is stressing me out. They have two weekends left to shop and I know two of them are away for at least one of those.Shit. I knew I should have just made them wear taffeta. The one who has a dress was the only one I was worried about as she never wears black and as a mother to three teenagers rarely has use for a cocktail dress but she has hers, actually I am super jealous as her dress is fab.

It is fantastic isn’t it, Vivienne of Holloway apparently. So one down and three to go and only 15 days! I will not strees. I will not stress. I need a drink.

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Woo hoo! The registrar approved all our music and readings so I guess the wedding is really on! Our list of music was extensive and I had to provide all lyrics for approval. For those of you who don’t know, if you are having a civil ceremony in the UK you can not use music or reading with any religious connotations. It can be quite strict I know of one couple who were not allowed to play Angels by Robbie Williams although that might just have been because it is awful!

Anyway we got all our music past the censors and I shall be strutting my stuff down the aisle to Nina Simone singing Feeling Good.  Plus we picked lots of feel good soul music including a great song for when we sign the register that instructs all present to:

(I want everybody to get up off your seat)
(And get your arms together, and your hands together)
(And give me some of that o-o-old soul clapping)

I wonder if anyone will?

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I never imagined the big white wedding so with less than a month to go I am still quite shocked to discover I am having one. However I did think of one thing when I thought of weddings, flowers. Oh the flowers. My mother loves flowers no matter how little money we had we always had fresh flowers. She makes fabulous arrangements and despite the 40 menthol a day habit her house always smells like a field! A minty one with touch of lavender.

Moving to the Netherlands was a dream come true for a flower addict like me, they are cheap, cheap here. Mr. Rigby indulges me regularly and I often run out of vases because I just can not resist at the florist. I never know all the names but pick on sculptural loveliness and colours alone.

But at my wedding I am having very few, I can not bring myself to pay UK prices for flowers flown from NL and I once had a very traumatic experience with a bouquet. About 10 years ago I was a bridesmaid, I had on a very very purple dress and held a rather lovely bouquet, however at photo time which I hate, the photographer asked me to lay my head on my bouquet and look wistful. I can safely say I do not look wistful in the photo, sarcastic and disgusted yes, wistful no. Two years ago when my mother remarried I was once again  a bridesmaid and I spent then whole day leaving the bouquet on tables. So for mine I decided nothing for me and just simple orchid corsages for my ladies. Except that 14 of the 15 florists I approached would not even talk to me unless I wanted the 90 quid bouquet. Finally the lovely florist I picked said the perfect line “have what you want” I hired her instantly!
Trouble is she was so nice before I knew it I have ordered glass bowls for every table with calla lillies wrapped inside them and I am having a wrist corsage, orchids on a black ribbon.

But in case any of you are worried about how I am gonna throw a corsage, well I am not. I hate the throwing of the bouquet but my mother is having none of it. So she will be ordering a bouquet just so I can throw it!! Ridiculous yes but it was so much easier to agree with her and at least it comes with the added bonus is I can watch in amusement as all my single girlfriends just move casually away as I throw.

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